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About the Project

Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc (RES) is proposing to develop, build and operate the Nova Solar Power Project (the “Project” or “Nova”). Nova is a 150 MWac solar energy generation project located 1 mile west of Carseland in Wheatland County, Alberta. The Project Area Map which can be viewed on our Project Documents page. For the latest news about the Project, please visit our Project News page which will be updated as the Project progresses through development.

The Project will consist of the following infrastructure and would use approximately 950 acres of previously disturbed, cultivated land located on lands earmarked for industrial development by the County.

Solar Panels and Inverters: 540-watt Tier 1 polysilicon bifacial solar modules on single-axis trackers and bi-directional inverters to enable the potential future addition of an energy storage facility.

Collection System: The collection system consists of 34.5kV underground cables connecting the inverters to the Project substation.

Substation: The collection lines would lead into a step-up transformer in the 240kV Project substation located on the western edge of the power plant and would include a telecommunications tower.

Interconnection: The Project proposes to connect to the Alberta Interconnected Electricity System (AIES) by t-tapping an AltaLink owned and operated 240kV transmission line via an approximately 6 km project transmission line.

Access Roads: Access roads throughout the project will provide safe access to the solar facility during its construction and operations and maintenance phases.

Fence: A security fence will surround the entire project during both construction and operations.